Tree Thinning

As a tree service company in the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel and Indianapolis areas, JT Tree Service offers a wide range of tree services. Services we offer range from tree removal and stump removal to tree shaping and tree thinning. Our staff has the depth of experience to properly evaluate an area and its trees to provide the best advice on what services are most appropriate to solve the challenges at hand.

Tree thinning
This refers to the selective removal of trees, or parts of trees. The procedure is usually undertaken in an effort to improve the health or growth rate of the remaining trees or remaining parts of trees.

Why you should request our tree thinning services
At times, trees may grow so big that the area on which they stand becomes congested. In some cases, a number of factors can affect the general health of a tree or trees at your home, workplace or in public spaces. When this happens, we are always ready to step in and offer our thinning services to ensure healthy trees.

Trees or parts of trees can be affected by disease, suffer damage from different forces or die altogether. This can lead to decay or organisms entering the tree. In other cases, dense tree covers will act to reduce sunlight penetration, resulting in diseases. In order to avoid such problems, it is important to enlist thinning services to promote the health of trees.

Our thinning services help to avoid safety hazards that may be caused by dead or broken branches that can fall off. In a similar way, tree limbs that hang dangerously close to utility lines or obstruct your view can be removed through thinning.

Careful thinning of trees helps to maintain their natural form and shape. We will work to remove vigorous branches with the right amount of thinning to avoid damage.

Stimulate or restrict growth
In situations where it would be preferable to have certain trees or other parts of trees growing faster, we will move in with the aim of ensuring that our services produce the desired outcome.

When you should call us
When there are threats to the health of your trees or parts of the trees threaten safety or you would like to improve the aesthetics of your property, please call us. Although, thinning can be done at any time, we discourage against it when extreme weather conditions are expected.

Why you should choose us
Choose JT Tree Service because we take great pride in the job we do and making your trees look great. We service Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel and the Indianapolis areas.

Professional services
All JT Tree services are provided by qualified personnel with wide experience in forestry. Our staff understands that it is better not to undertake the process than to do it incorrectly. As such, you can rest assured that our services will not lead to damage to your trees or parts of your trees.

Thinning tools
At JT Tree Service, we have invested in the best thinning tools in order to offer you quality and satisfactory services. With the latest tools and equipment in the market, you can be sure that we will shape your trees without damaging them. Only the parts that need to be removed will be removed.

Alternative services
Whenever our clients request a service, a member of our staff will visit the site before they undertake any work. After evaluating the area, we will advise on the best technique to solve the problem at hand. When thinning would not be the best service, our staff will readily let you know and propose the best thing to do.

Once we are done thinning your trees, we will clean-up our work area. In fact, clean-up is included in all the services we offer.

Taking care of trees and plants in general, requires knowledge. After we have removed damaged parts or those affected by diseases or decay, we will advise you on how best to take care of your trees so they continue in good health.

We strive to offer the best services to our clients at all times. We service the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel and Indianapolis areas. Feel free to contact JT Tree Service at 317-674-2150 with any questions or for a free estimate.