Tree Shaping

JT Tree Services offers professional tree shaping and pruning services in the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel, and Indianapolis areas. We have 24 hour storm response team and are a local family-owned business.

Whether for cosmetic design purposes or to control the amount of light and shade received by windows, balconies, or patio areas, we use professional quality tools and skilled techniques to form the shape you want for your trees, At the basic level, we can transform your trees from straggly to a rounded or neat shape, with minimal pruning and stress on the tree.

JT Tree Service has the expertise needed to ensure that you get the right balance between the appearance you want and the natural growth and health of the tree. Pruning for shape should always be done when the tree is . This is late winter or early spring for deciduous trees and after the flowers fade in late summer or early fall for some flowering to help prevent the risk of not flowering (or bearing fruit). The timing depends on whether the blossoms are produced on new growth or the previous year’s growth. Evergreens should be trimmed in winter. We can handle crown raising to clear space for signs or paths under the tree and crown thinning to allow more light. We can also prune and train fruit trees for convenient harvesting or for aesthetics.
With young trees, “formative” pruning may be advisable to ensure a pleasing mature shape or to control size and shape. This is particularly important for fruit trees.

At JT Tree Services we can also prune and shape shrubs and hedges, and help with training trees to create a proper hedge for privacy and appearance. We know the best time to prune each species of tree and can also give advice on the best shape for fruit trees to maximize yield and convenience in harvesting. Each tree and each situation are different, so we will give you the right information to make the right decision for your yard.

We will always focus on what is best for your tree and your garden. Talk to us about exactly what you want, whether it is to trim a conifer to make the perfect outdoor Christmas tree or deal with a tree on your property that is dangerously overhanging the sidewalk. We use only the best tools and offer competitive prices, and will always clean up properly after a job. JT Tree Service works in the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel, and Indianapolis areas.