Tree Removal

JT Tree Service is a local family-owned business offering professional tree removal in Fishers, Carmel, McCordsville and Indianapolis areas.

It is critical that tree removel be done properly and safely.

A tree removal decision can be hard, as trees are an important parts of our ecosystem. However, there are many valid reasons for tree removal, including:

Dying, diseased, or dead trees – These trees can be a safety hazard. It’s much better to have a dying tree come down in a safely planned removal process than to have it fall on your house in the middle of a storm.
Trees that are in an unsafe location, such as being too close to an existing structure. – Even trees that are healthy can pose risks to structures. If a mature tree next to your home has grown too big, it may be time to have it removed..
Trees that are hindering the growth of other plants in the area – An abundance of trees can take nutrients and sunlight from other plants. Removing some of these trees will help all the plants in the area thrive.
A desire for a change in aesthetics for landscaping – Maybe you bought a new home and want to change the existing landscaping, or you’re just ready for something new. Either way, you may need to remove some trees to make room for new plants or landscaping.
Trees that are in the way of a building or construction project – When starting new construction, there are often trees in the way of the plans. It’s obviously imperative that these trees be removed before construction can begin.

No matter what your reason for removing a tree, the experts at JT Tree Service can help with all your tree removal needs. Trying to remove a mature tree on your own can be extremely dangerous and damaging. Trusting a professional with tree removal helps keep the removal process safe and as minimally invasive as possible.

At JT Tree Service, we will work with you every step of the way to remove your trees. Before we begin your tree removal, we will talk with you about the price and develop a plan so you feel as comfortable with the process as we do. As professionals, we take care to remove the tree without damaging nearby property and landscaping, and our work doesn’t stop once the tree is removed. After the tree is removed, we will clean up the entire area of any debris from the removal process. We can also leave a stump, cut the stump close to the ground, or remove the stump, depending on your preferences and the scope of the project. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the tree removal process from start to finish. To discuss options and get a free estimate for your tree removal call us today at 317-674-2150. JT Tree Service works in the Fishers, Carmel, McCordsville and Indianapolis areas.