Stump Removal

Years ago people would burn stumps out. Farmers were lucky enough to have horses or oxen at their disposal to pull them out. Nowadays there are products designed that will slowly rot the stump out. However, that process can take months and months, and involve the use of toxic chemicals. If you’re having us cut down a tree, consider having JT Tree Service remove the stump as well. If you’re thinking of just leaving it in the ground, give some thought to the following reasons to remove it instead.

Stumps take up space
If you’re one of the fortunate few that have a very large yard, the space taken up by the stump won’t mean that much. Most of us though, don’t have that luxury. In some cases, space is the reason for removing the tree in the first place. Even a small stump, situated in the wrong spot, can render a large chunk of your yard unusable.

Stumps attract insects
A decaying tree stump can take a very long time to completely rot out. During this time it becomes a magnet for ants, beetles, termites, and all sorts of wood-boring pests. This may not be much of a problem in the yard, but eventually, they may find their way into your home.

Stumps are hazardous
Children don’t always pay attention when they’re running around the yard. Something the size of a stump, sticking up six or eight inches out of the ground, creates a terrible trip hazard. An unsuspecting visitor could easily get hurt and hold you liable for ignoring the hazard.

Stumps may continue to grow
A stump left behind may sprout new growth. Small unsightly trees might begin to grow from the stump. Aside from just plain looking bad, these small trees steal precious nutrients from the lawn and any other nearby plants.

Stumps interfere with lawn care
Whether you own a riding mower or an old fashioned push mower, you’ll need to avoid the immediate area around the stump. Protruding roots can wreak havoc on a mower’s blade. You’ll be using a weed whacker, or hand trimming, around the stump, for years to come.

Stumps are unsightly
Even the tidiest stump looks out of place in a well-manicured yard. If you’re even the least bit fussy about your landscaping, you’ll find that removing the stump is well worth the effort.

In most cases, when a tree comes down, the stump should come out too. JT Tree Service offers professional stump removal in the Fishers, Carmel, McCordsville and Indianapolis areas.