Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is a work of art that helps to maintain the beauty of the particular plant and a desirable shape. The technique differs with the shape of a shrub that may be mounding, tree-like or cane. Correctly pruned shrubs experience good growth and health. Contact the professionals at JT Tree Service at 317-674-2150 to have your shrubs trimmed. We service the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel and Indianapolis areas.

Renewal Pruning
Many times a homeowner selects a shrub to plant near the foundation of a home that grows too large for the space The shrub can grow up against the home or cover the window and begins to look out of proportion with the home. Renewal pruning is necessary to cut the shrub back to between 6 and 12 inches tall and bring the plant back within its bounds. Additionally, rejuvenation pruning can help save a shrub that is doing poorly and allow it to sprout back out with new healthy growth.

After these types of severe pruning, sometimes additional expert care is needed to promote a new and healthy shrub. Our expert staff knows which shrubs respond well to these types of pruning and at what time of the year to do so for the best results. Heavily pruned shrubs then need the extra care of water, fertilization and pest control to be successful. We can also determine the new shape of the shrub based on our experience so that you can add a focal point to your landscaping.

Tree Form Shrubs
Many of the most popular shrubs such as yaupon holly, wax myrtle, crape myrtle and wax leaf privet can be pruned into a tree shape. These shrubs usually have only a few vertical trunks to make the process easier. It is best to start forming this shape when a shrub is 1 year old to make it easier on the shrub’s health. We trim the vertical branches back to sustain only one or two vertical trunks and remove the other vertical branches. Removal of lateral branches less than 4 feet from the ground as the shrub grows gives it the tree form.

When to Trim Shrubs
Each species of shrub has a particular time to prune it for the best results. When shrub trimming, the different seasons of the year triggers different responses from the shrubs to the cutting process. New tissue forms rapidly when a shrub is pruned in the late winter or early spring. If your shrub is a spring bloomer, they should be pruned after all the flowers have finished producing. Pruning them too early in the spring will drastically reduce the flowering display in your lawn. Shrubs that bloom in the summer do best when trimming them in the early spring before it buds, or after it has finished blooming in the late summer.

When new tissue forms from pruning it needs time to harden off before winter so as not to kill your shrub with small new growth freezing. It depends on the type of shrub and when cold weather is expected as to when the best shrub trimming time is for you.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all arborist areas andprovide the best possible service. We service the Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel and Indianapolis areas. We can help you have great looking landscaping in your neighborhood.