Love of tree trimming

Trimming trees is something I have always loved to do. It has always seemed to come naturally to me. I will look at a tree and create a vision in my mind of what I want the finished tree to look like based on the clients request, as well as keeping within the scope of our industry standard trimming boundaries. There are three boundaries that we work within when trimming a tree:

1) The clients request- it may be thinning, dead wooding, crown reduction, shaping or a combination.

2) Only taking off one third of the foliage- Most arborist agree that only one third of the foliage should be taken off a tree when trimming.

3) Making proper cuts that will ensure the health of the tree going forward. Cuts need to be made back to promising growth on branches and to the collar if a branch is being taken all the way off. A stub cut is unacceptable and can lead to structural problems and disease. Stub cuts and other poor pruning cuts are against the law in some states and tree companies can be fined for not following industry standard techniques.

The only tree that falls outside of these boundaries is the Bradford Pear. Most arborist agree that a fifty percent reduction and hard cutting is acceptable with Bradford Pears. The Bradford Pear is our number one storm damaged tree due to how the Pear trees crotches are shaped. A reduction is the only option to significantly reduce storm damage in these trees.  JT Tree services the Fishers, Carmel, McCordsville, Giest, Noblesville and Indianapolis areas.

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