Tree removal- Have a large tree interfering with power lines or overhanging your home? Here is a recent case of both. Our client was concerned with loosing their power and potential damage from this large Silver Maple that was overhanging their home. JT Tree Service works with all the local power companies. We scheduled a power line disconnect to ensure no damage to power lines or connection to the client’s home. The tree was removed and power was reconnected within hours.



Tree Health- Pictured is JT Tree Service removing dead wood from a large tree. JT Tree Service is an expert in multiple pruning and tree trimming techniques that will have your trees healthy for years to come.



Shaping and Thinning- Pictured is JT Tree Service thinning and shaping a tree. It is
important that time is taken to achieve the clients desired effect. JT Tree Service takes
the time to look both before and after cuts are made to ensure that the clients desired
effect is achieved.



Tree trimming- JT Tree Service can go where bucket trucks cannot. Pictured is Joel Taylor of JT Tree
removing a large dead branch that was overhanging a clients home. The branch was
roped off, cut and lowered to the ground.



Tree removal- JT Tree is the official tree service for the Fishers YMCA. Pictured is Joel Taylor standing by
some of the larger dead ash trees that were removed from Camp Muddsock behind the Fishers
YMCA. JT Tree removed 143 dead ash trees to help make Camp Muddsock a safer place
for YMCA summer campers.

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