Heading Back

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Heading Back Pruning
Trees and shrubs benefit from heading back cuts when they are trimmed. This technique removes portions of a stem that are often made at an intermodal area between either two buds or two nodes.

Heading cuts reduce the total height of a shrub or tree when the lateral branches and terminal buds are removed. However, heading cuts should not be made to branches that are one year old or older or it will produce water sprouts and suckers on the trunk that will need removed to maintain the size and shape of the plant.

Specifics of Heading Cuts
When heading cuts are made, it stimulates the growth of buds that are closest to the cut area. The new growth will appear in the direction of the top remaining bud. This allows an experienced professional to choose exactly which branches will grow and in which specific direction in order to indicate what new shape the tree or shrub will take on.

Heading cuts are made approximately ΒΌ inch above the bud while sloping down and away from the bud. A cut that is too steep or too close can actually kill the bud so the tree or shrub will not increase in size laterally. The heading cut should be made above a node with two buds or more to remove the buds that face inward to the center of the tree or shrub. This prevents new growth that would grow laterally and cross the trunk or other limbs as that can lead to limbs rubbing on one another and becoming weak or damaging bark. Damaging bark is an invitation to pests and disease on any type of tree or shrub.

Heading back encourages new dense growth on the outermost portions of a tree or shrub and can result in less light reaching the inner branches or leaves and can make the plant appear sparse in the center. Heading cuts made by a professional can prevent this problem and promote new, healthy growth in a desired shape while reducing the height of a tree or shrub.

Maintenance Pruning
All trees and shrubs can benefit greatly from maintenance pruning. This helps keep the plants at a specific size so they do not outgrow the area resulting in plants that are healthy and long lasting.

Maintenance pruning includes removing all dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs to promote good health. Pruning tools must be disinfected properly after each cut so as not to spread the disease to other parts of a healthy plant.

Professional Pruning
When you take into consideration that pruning can be a daunting task that must be done correctly and at the correct time of year for each individual shrub or tree, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Contact JT Tree Service at 317-674-2150 for a free estimate on all of your landscaping needs for pruning trees and shrubs. JT Tree Service works in Fishers, McCordsville, Carmel, the Indianapolis area. We are family owned and operated and have been proudly serving the community for many years as your premier tree service company.