Pruning properly keeps trees and shrubs healthy, improves the appearance, and increases the life span of the plants.. Poorly pruned trees and large shrubs can be a hazard to people and property when they overhang a home, business, sidewalk or driveway.

Deadwood Pruning Criteria

Problem limbs are more likely to break in a storm with high winds, excessive rain or in the event of a snow and ice storm that places adds weight to the limb. In order to ensure safety, limbs that are dying, dead or diseased need to be removed by a process called deadwooding.. Deadwood pruning can help the affected tree, shrub or bush to rejuvenate to a healthy level and improve the amount of blooms for flowering or fruit producing trees and shrubs. This technique can save your landscaping.

Crossed Limbs – Limbs that cross over one another rub together, andthe bark will be removed. The exposed areasare an invitation to disease or pests. These limbs need removed in order to keep disease and pests from spreading to the entire tree, shrub or other landscaping plants.

Damaged Limbs – Storm damage with high winds can partially break limbs. When limbs are dangling and partially broken, they will no longer grow as they should and will eventually die making them a hazardous condition.

Deadwooding Considerations
Good pruning practices are essential for tree and shrub longevity and should begin when the plants are small. Professional arborists recognize the area that is appropriate for removing dead, dying and diseased limbs. Improper deadwooding can result in an entire tree dying in your landscape design.

Each cut made in pruning can change the tree’s shape, form and balance. If only one large branch is removed on one side of a tree or shrub, it can make the plant unstable and lean in one direction. If a heavy snowfall or strong storm occurs, the entire plant may uproot or fall over. Removing large amounts of branches and limbs from a tree or shrub doesn’t allow the plant to gather enough sunlight for its production of food for good growth. Only the dead portion of limbs should be removed to cut them back to the healthy wood.
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