• Joel and his team came recommended to me by a neighbor who was beyond thrilled with the work performed by JT Complete Tree Service and I would have to agree.  Prior to securing JT, I had two separate tree companies provide their services and unfortunately, the result was far more than just disappointment.  The previous services left me with damage to my gutters, roof and lawn.

    Because I had 11 additional trees that had to be removed [and these were incredibly large, very mature trees], Joel and I met a few times prior so as to go over in great detail how the job would unfold.  Joel and his team were very thorough, detail-oriented and it was apparent they had extensive experience. They finished the job in less time than they had anticipated, they left zero indication that there had been work done in my yard, they even went to my surrounding neighbors to introduce themselves and to assure them that their property would be “safe”.

    One of the things I truly value in business is if they exhibit uncompromising customer service and please be assured, Joel and his team went well beyond that expectation.  They are true professionals and I am confident you would not be disappointed with their work.

    Susan P.

  • What an awesome service JT Tree Service provides!  I contacted a neighbor that used JT Tree Service and they were so pleased with the work you provided we decided to use your Service too!  I am so glad that I did!  I am even distributing business cards to neighbors who need to use your service!  From the initial phone conversation I realized I was working with  a kind business man that wants to help the Community.  You came and removed the dead tree within 2 days of my call and even followed up by e-mail for even more communication.  When you removed the stump you were so kind and took the time to show my son your removal process and the mini education course on the tree itself and taking care of them!  You were always so professional!  Thank you for taking the time to remove the debris and clean up around your work area!  I will definitely call you if the need arises!

    -Amy Peters

  • I can’t say enough good things about Joel. He was a lot less than three other tree companies that I called. However,because the tree was so close to the house, price was definitely not the only consideration. Joel showed up on time, had all the right gear, and got the job done exactly as he said he would. He actually went above and beyond what he said because he removed some branches up in the top of the tree by hand to be sure that there’d be no damage when the tree came down. Normally I would watch an operation like this myself to be sure nothing goes wrong but I was so Confident that Joel was going to do a good job that I went back in the house and took care of other things while he did his job. Again everything was done exactly as he said. These days that seems to be rare.

    Kevin Webb

  • Most of the work was done by Joel climbing and roping specific limbs. No heavy equipment was used on my lawn. It was amazing to watch.Joel did an excellent job and accomplished more than I expected. I had special requests during the process and Joel was very responsive in accommodating them.Joel cleaned up well after himself, was punctual and professional and seemed extremely knowledgeable. He was the most courteous, polite person we have ever worked with.The whole experience with him, gave us a sense of confidence.  My husband said that JT Tree Service did Excellent work at a fair price. Everything was very clean – no damage to the lawn, flower beds, shrubs or deck.We would highly recommend JT Tree Service and I will use Joel again.

    Meg Born

  • We had a large maple tree that died during the drought that could not be reached with a bucket truck. Several other companies actually stated that they did not want the job because it would be too difficult. Others were rude, pushy, or wanted a completely unreasonable amount to do the job. Joel’s knowledge and professionalism during the free quotewon us over. He was not intimidated to do the job at all and quoted a very reasonable price to remove the maple and twosmaller trees. He also offered to trim another large tree that had branches close to our roof line for the same price. He showed great skill in removing trees that were entangled in cable and telephone lines, hanging over a privacy fence andvery close to our home. Each tree was removed with no damage to utility lines, or property. They also did a really good job cleaning up, even placing one of our flower pots on top of the large stump that was left, which was a nice touch. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for a professional job at a reasonable price.

    -Tina Flora