We had a large maple tree that died during the drought that could not be reached with a bucket truck. Several other companies actually stated that they did not want the job because it would be too difficult. Others were rude, pushy, or wanted a completely unreasonable amount to do the job. Joel’s knowledge and professionalism during the free quotewon us over. He was not intimidated to do the job at all and quoted a very reasonable price to remove the maple and twosmaller trees. He also offered to trim another large tree that had branches close to our roof line for the same price. He showed great skill in removing trees that were entangled in cable and telephone lines, hanging over a privacy fence andvery close to our home. Each tree was removed with no damage to utility lines, or property. They also did a really good job cleaning up, even placing one of our flower pots on top of the large stump that was left, which was a nice touch. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for a professional job at a reasonable price.

-Tina Flora